High five br0!

Scrum Master // Developer // GeekDad

Hi, my name is Grant and I created this place so that I had somewhere to dump my thoughts and share my projects on the internet.

By day I’m a Scrum Master at a large UK bank, helping to transform our business and digital delivery to be more Agile.

I love the work that I do and the people that I do it with - as with many who work with Agile methodologies I’m passionate about working smarter to deliver better outcomes faster for our users and stakeholders.

In 2020 I also completed my bachelors degree in Software Engineering with the Open University. I love tinkering and playing with code - once upon a time I had hoped to become a mobile app developer, however it turned out my skills were best utilised helping development teams work better and protect them from all the outside noise of a large organisation. So instead I like to mess around with this stuff in my free time.

This site gives me a chance to showcase some of these projects as well as gives a home to allow me to host some of those necessary bits of paperwork such as privacy policies etc (app development would be much more fun without all the paperwork!)

Obligatory all thoughts and writings here are my own caveat (my employer knows nothing about Mountain Bikes…)